by Jeffrey Sun
Notes Notes
JUN 2016
Working on a new feature for Notes in the upcoming 2017 release.
Numbers Numbers
JAN 2016
Improved this spreadsheet app with fixes, and supported collobarative features for the iOS, Mac, and web clients. Enabled collaborative cut, copy, paste & duplicate of sheets, and fixed table edit cases.
Evernote Evernote
MAY 2015
Interned with the iOS team at Evernote over the summer. Implemented the redesign of the app's central + button, for adding content, as well as the way that reminders show up in notes lists.
Ballpoint $0.99 Ballpoint
SEP 2015
Precision art, notes & handwriting. Comes with essential brush tools and color palettes. Performance was a top priority for this app, and you get high-definition 4K canvases and 100 levels of undo/redo, all without lag.
Optics FREE Optics
FEB 2015
A beautiful pixel inspector. I created this tool (color picker + rectangle selection) to aid myself in design work, and I found it to be quite useful. Now it's available for everyone for free.
Tint Mint $0.99 Tint Mint
APR 2014
A powerful image editor packaged in a playful interface. This app contains lessons I learned from making Modern Editor, and it has tons of facial editing features and subtle photo enhancements.
Modern Editor $0.99 Modern Editor
JUN 2013
A full resolution photo editor with filters, textures, brushes and text. My first commercially viable app - I updated this app 13 times in a summer. Taught me a lot about long-term development.
Tap Paint FREE Tap Paint
DEC 2012
A simple little doodling app. This was my first app on the App Store - I had been learning iOS for around 6 months up until then, and publishing this app was quite an accomplishment.
Bay Area, CA